Trend Study – White Trainers

Fashion blogger Camille Charriere wears adidas Originals Stan Smith

We’re not quite out of the freezing cold yet, but we are in to a brand new year.  A trend that kept popping up in 2014 is the white trainers (or ‘sneakers’ for those across the Atlantic) trend.  This look never excited as much as other trends, but that’s because it is subtle in nature, and therefore easy to incorporate without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Trainers in general are breaking out of the sporty-type pigeon hole and are becoming extremely versatile.  They are no longer just for the active exercise enthusiast, but now for the fashion forward too.  Oh, and they are extremely comfortable.  What’s not to love?

The look discussed here in particular is the white, low top, minimal trainers that can be worn just as easily with trousers or denim jeans and looks equally good on men as well as women.  I especially like how white trainers can be used to transform your stringently smart outfits in to street style sophistication.  For example, match with wool trousers to achieve a casual clean look that would otherwise look strictly smart if worn with derby shoes or heels.  It seems to achieve the same effect with your overcoat or blazer.

The great thing about this look is that it is very accessible.  Walk in to virtually any high street fashion store and they will likely have a style very similar.  If you want more, most trainer brands make a white shoe with this silhouette.  Addidas Stan Smiths for £67, or Nike AF1 Low for a younger look.  If your budget stretches further, designer or luxury footwear companies are nice but not necessary.  Common Projects Achilles Low are hand stitched in Italy and are the holy grail of white trainers for many people.


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Fashion Week 101 – An Introduction

You recognise the words, muttered by strangers at clothing stores, scrolling past them on your social media newsfeed, or even on looming and impressive billboards around the city.  But what exactly is this mysterious ‘Fashion Week’, and why should you care?  If you are not familiar, this short introduction will give you the knowledge to enjoy the conversations going around this important event.

What is Fashion Week?

Fashion Week is a presentation of designers’ upcoming collections in the form of a series of runway shows.  You can expect the biggest names such as Yves Saint Laurent, Balmain, Versace, as well as lesser known ones to take part.

When and where does Fashion Week take place?

What confuses many is the exact location and time this event takes place.  Fashion Week isn’t one or two events that takes place each year; there are actually hundreds of Fashion Week events that happen all over the world at different times of the year.  The most prominent are Milan, Paris, New York, and London, known as the fashion capitals of the world.  There are two major seasons per year – Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. For womenswear, the Autumn/Winter shows always start in New York in February and end in Paris in March. Spring/Summer shows start in New York in September and end in Paris in October. Menswear Autumn/Winter shows start in January in London and Milan for typically less than a week followed by another short week in Paris. Menswear Spring/Summer shows occur in June. Womenswear haute couture shows happen in Paris following the Menswear Paris shows. Due to Chambre Syndicale rules, haute couture can only be shown in Paris.

Why follow Fashion Week?

What is shown in Milan, Paris, New York, or London indicates what will be in season.  Store buyers and fashion editors will attend to gain knowledge about the upcoming fashion looks.  If you want to stay ahead of the curve, it really helps to pay attention to Fashion Week.

Top Ankle Boots Under £200

1. Reiss Capri – £169

The Reiss Capri on the other hand has a pin-like heel and is cut wavy at the top.  Wear with black as a cold climate dress shoe for the subtle details.


2. Helene Wedge Ankle Boot – £165

The wedge sole makes this ankle boot have a distinct silhouette that would look ideal with tights or leggings.


3. & Other Stories Low-Ankle Boots – £95

& Other Stories are a branch of H&M but offer more premium and wide range of products.  I love the colour of these chelsea style boots and at £95, it’s a steal.


4. Zara Leather Wedge Mountain Bootie – £89.99

These sturdy looking boots from Zara borrow details from mountain boots such as metal lace loops, wedge sole, and buckle.  Perfect with your favourite jeans.


5. Dune Peeta – £155

The Dune Peeta ankle boots definitely have attitude and the buckle detail is designed to match a leather biker jacket perfectly.

 Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.11.25 AM副本

Trend Study – Heritage


The definition of the word “heritage” is “property that is or may be inherited”. In the context of a fashion show, it seems to make sense that heritage is subjective to the designer or fashion house, often by pulling out favourites from their own company archives.


Clarks, for example, have their desert boot that can now be called heritage – they have enjoyed success of this particular style of chukka boots since 1949. What confuses consumers is when companies patch the word “Heritage” to collections or their brand name simply to embellish a particular image. For example, Forever 21 have a collection named “Heritage 1981”, yet the designs look nothing like they are from that time period. Even more beguiling, Forever 21 wasn’t even founded until 1984 (I guess they decided Heritage 1984 didn’t have the same ring to it). What makes a true heritage collection of piece of clothing is a company’s long-standing commitment to a particular design, often gathering a cult, then mainstream following.


On the other hand, the word “heritage” can also be used to describe a traditional process of manufacturing designs. The Manual Co., whose designs are available in our online shop, has been in action for 30 years coming 2015 and is proud to stick to the tried and tested methods of manufacturing leather goods predominantly by hand. Their products are available here.

Our Top Fashion Trends A/W 2014

  1. The Cape

Receiving the stamp of approval by the likes of Ralph Lauren, and Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent at their respective Autumn/Winter fashion shows, the cape is definitely on trend this season.  To top it off, it will retain heat in the cold climate!



2. Pale Tones

This season’s favourite colour has to be light shades of beige.  It is difficult to pull off, but worth experimenting with, as it makes you look mature yet very stylish.  To get that pale look, mix with other nude shades such as off-white and camel.




R1UK Leather Backpack 1

3. The Backpack

No you’re not back in high school – backpacks are are chic accessory for adults now too.  Utilizing premium materials, the Leather Backpack by The Manual Co. is ideal for casual everyday use this season.



4. Tomboy Chic

Ripped jeans, trainers, and your boyfriend’s shirt – the fashion forward tomboy look is relaxed and in vogue.  It’s all about taking boyish clothing and pulling it off effortlessly.



5. The Boots

It seems like boots are a favourite every winter, but for good reason: your feet will be snuggly warm and dry if you get a quality pair.  It’s a little more difficult to pull them off in the warmer seasons, so make the most of it while you can!  On trend is the chunky soled boot and boots with zippers such as the black leather shark tooth combat boots from Giuseppe Zanotti Design.

5 Fashion Channels to Follow on Youtube

YouTube can be a fantastic way to get fashion tips or a peek in to the fashion industry.  However, sifting through a haystack of channels to find channels worth pressing the subscribe button to can be mind numbing.  Here are 5 essential channels for every fashionista.

1. FashionTV

FashionTV is the essential resource for serious fashionistas.  Containing vast and up-to-date videos revolving around fashion shows and interviews with designers and models.

2. i-D

Founded by designer and former Vogue art director Terry Jones in 1980, i-D magazine is a dependable fashion resource that has stemmed an entertaining collection of videos on YouTube featuring characters such as Alexa Chung and Daisy Lowe, fashion week access, and numerous how to and “A-Z of” videos that are just delightful.

3. NYLON Magazine

Nylon is another YouTube channel that arose from a quality magazine.  Their YouTube channel contains a seemingly endless library of quality videos.  Most of these are short videos featuring fashion icons, movie and music celebs, and some pretty neat how to videos.

4. Zoella

Fashion vloggers are a great resource for independent how to guides and beauty product reviews.  One of the most popular is Zoella, who has amassed 6.6 million subscribers.  We can’t get enough of her enthusiastic attitude and informative videos.

5. Carli Bybel

Our other favourite blogger is Carli Bybel, who is fantastic at leaving no stone unturned when it comes to covering all the bases for a fashionista lifestyle.  This glam girl has videos for makeup, hair, and current fashion trends.

5 Ways to Pull off the Coloured Bag Trend

Winter is here and your black and grey accessories may feel like a safe bet, however bold colours can actually be surprisingly versatile, if you know how.  Coloured accessories are a inexpensive way of injecting a little style in to your outfit and making your ensemble more exciting.  Here are 5 ways to pull off the coloured bag trend.

1. Red

5951UK Turnlock Handbag Red 1

Red is a classic winter colour that can easily be utilised.  If you have fair skin, a bold true-red handbag like this Turnlock Handbag by The Manual Co. will pop against a complimentary green outfit.  For olive or darker skin, a rich burgundy handbag with an olive or navy overcoat can look very classy or vintage inspired.

2. Colour Blocking

colour block

Colour blocking is a way of wearing multiple blocks of colours in your outfit for a chic retro inspired look.  If you don’t have any clothing that is colour blocked, you can still achieve this look by mixing individual pieces of clothing of different colours together.  To do this, start with 2 colours that go well together.  I’m fond of bright skirts that reach the ankles or high waisted trousers that drape paired with a more subdued shirt or sleeveless top.  Take it up a notch by adding a similarly bright jacket of a complimentary colour.  Finally, match the outfit with an essential handbag that reflects your outfit.  A final tip – stay away from patterns and prints if you want to pull off an authentic colour blocking outfit.

3. Brightly Coloured Handbags Paired with a Neutral Outfit

5915EUK Fold-Over Corner Bag 1

A brightly coloured handbag can be the focus of your outfit when worn with more conventional sombre winter colours.  This can be especially easily to pull off if you already have a neutral coloured outfit. This gorgeous purple fold-over corner bag is simply ideal for any occasion.

4. Bold Printed bags Paired with a Neutral Outfit

Similarly, printed and patterned bags can be the centrepiece to a neutral outfit.  Try a leather jacket as the base for your outfit and pair it with a boldly patterned handbag or backpack.  Add pops of colour by wearing coloured rings or necklaces.

5. A Brightly Coloured Purse

5890EUK Envelope Clutch Bag 1

While a large brightly hued handbag may be difficult to pull off, a small purse functions like a small accessory, so even neon colours can be incorporated easily to bring life in to an outfit.  This mustard yellow Envelope Clutch Bag by The Manual Co. would match your little black dress perfectly for a night out in town.