5 Ways to Pull off the Coloured Bag Trend

Winter is here and your black and grey accessories may feel like a safe bet, however bold colours can actually be surprisingly versatile, if you know how.  Coloured accessories are a inexpensive way of injecting a little style in to your outfit and making your ensemble more exciting.  Here are 5 ways to pull off the coloured bag trend.

1. Red

5951UK Turnlock Handbag Red 1

Red is a classic winter colour that can easily be utilised.  If you have fair skin, a bold true-red handbag like this Turnlock Handbag by The Manual Co. will pop against a complimentary green outfit.  For olive or darker skin, a rich burgundy handbag with an olive or navy overcoat can look very classy or vintage inspired.

2. Colour Blocking

colour block

Colour blocking is a way of wearing multiple blocks of colours in your outfit for a chic retro inspired look.  If you don’t have any clothing that is colour blocked, you can still achieve this look by mixing individual pieces of clothing of different colours together.  To do this, start with 2 colours that go well together.  I’m fond of bright skirts that reach the ankles or high waisted trousers that drape paired with a more subdued shirt or sleeveless top.  Take it up a notch by adding a similarly bright jacket of a complimentary colour.  Finally, match the outfit with an essential handbag that reflects your outfit.  A final tip – stay away from patterns and prints if you want to pull off an authentic colour blocking outfit.

3. Brightly Coloured Handbags Paired with a Neutral Outfit

5915EUK Fold-Over Corner Bag 1

A brightly coloured handbag can be the focus of your outfit when worn with more conventional sombre winter colours.  This can be especially easily to pull off if you already have a neutral coloured outfit. This gorgeous purple fold-over corner bag is simply ideal for any occasion.

4. Bold Printed bags Paired with a Neutral Outfit

Similarly, printed and patterned bags can be the centrepiece to a neutral outfit.  Try a leather jacket as the base for your outfit and pair it with a boldly patterned handbag or backpack.  Add pops of colour by wearing coloured rings or necklaces.

5. A Brightly Coloured Purse

5890EUK Envelope Clutch Bag 1

While a large brightly hued handbag may be difficult to pull off, a small purse functions like a small accessory, so even neon colours can be incorporated easily to bring life in to an outfit.  This mustard yellow Envelope Clutch Bag by The Manual Co. would match your little black dress perfectly for a night out in town.