The Forgotten Art Exhibition


Friday 17th October

Launch event and drink reception – 6pm

Veneer Gallery

1184 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8TE

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An unconventional exhibit of conventional pieces – this experimental exhibition in Veneer gallery will challenge some preconceived ideas about exhibiting the usually mismatched disciplines of design and fine art together. The Forgotten Art is a showcase of traditional practices across a range of art and design mediums in order to link these distinct, yet related, disciplines together in an experimental and innovative brand launch for The Fashion League. Handcrafted bags and scarves will be exhibited alongside rarely seen early artworks by Flora Parrott. We are celebrating age old techniques that date back as far as the 19th century in order to preserve and encourage these unconventional ways of creating and not allowing them to fade away and be replaced by much colder, impersonal methods such as mass production. Heritage techniques are endangered and many artisan techniques are threatened with extinction. The Forgotten Art explores aesthetics, cultural significance, and heritage by honouring and dedication to the way in which, not just artwork, but also everyday items are made.



Introducing our fist M.F.A.M. collection of leather goods. Theses products, as well as art pieces, draw inspirations from the XIX and XX century. Following traditional leather-craft techniques and methods that are over 100 years old, they are handcrafted with a passion for quality and strength. Each one of them, with archaic details and classic colours, celebrates the history of the leather craft.


Born out of a desire for creative freedom and a fascination with knitwear, Rosemary Eribé set up ERIBÉ Knitwear in 1986. From humble beginnings, ERIBÉ has grown to be global player in designer Scottish knitwear. World-renowned for putting an innovative spin on traditional Scottish knitwear; ERIBÉ champions natural yarns, craftsmanship and eco-conscious living. A selection of ERIBÉ knitwear will be on display.

Flora Parrott

We are proud to exhibit early artworks of Flora Parrott that is not available to be seen elsewhere. Since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in 2004, Parrott has already exhibited in several critically acclaimed shows such as The Cosmos (2012) and recently Fixed Position (2014). Her work often features sculptures, installations and films using raw materials and provocative imagery that is tranquil yet sensually stimulating. We put on display an array of her early work as a glimpse in to the practicing artist’s journey to success.


This event launches The Fashion League – a new international fashion platform for independent brands and up-and-coming designers. The Fashion League believes in connecting talent, cultures, and reaching out to a broad audience through fashion. The Fashion League was created to tell the stories behind the work of the new generation of emerging designers, as well as the traditional techniques and classical thinking they apply in their designs.