Monotone Chic: 5 Wearing Tips



The art of dressing up – using similar shades of a colour brings a certain symmetry to your outfit. At the risk of looking like a green tent, Its always best to have similar shades of colour on the significant aspects of the outfit. The mantra “Wear dark with dark” and Light with Light, doesn’t only limit itself to laundry. Having a similar shade to both your upper and lower sides of outfit brings an effortless consistency to the whole.

The balance of outfit is necessary – but how do you manage to pry in the bag to the whole of outfit- classic colours like black, brown and navy always seem to work with almost every conceivable outfit – but going to the next level of monotone, can be brought by experimenting to match the bag with the colour of top. In 2014/2015 season designer’s fashion is suggesting us warm colors such as burgundy, golden, orange, brown and green.

1. To make your look experimental you can play around with different textures in the same color.

2. Another tip for monotone chic is adding a colorful accessory to your style, for example a bright necklace or a clutch bag.

3. With monotone style it is important to wear well-fitted clothes and don’t exaggerate with layers and matching accessories.

4. If you like black color for your wardrobe and want to mix it up a little bit – try cream and white tones, they will make your look classy and elegant.

5. Lighter tones go better in the upper part of your look since they make the proportions visually smaller.

Experimenting with colours is imperative – as you don’t always want to look like a green tent. Have fun, being a monotone goddess!