7 Ideas to Accessorise Xmas Style

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Christmas 2014 is almost here, and so is the annual struggle to find the balance between dressing for the occasion and not looking like Santa’s number one fan – tacky.

If you’re going to a christmas party or meal, the chances are you will want to adorn yourself appropriately without going overboard. This article will give you girls some ideas on how to do just that.


  1. Ribbon Belt

Make yourself someone’s xmas present by embellishing your dress with a lush ribbon tied in to a bow. Spend all your money on gifts already? You can find the perfect material at your local fabrics store for barely anything. Ask for a satin fabric that is between 0.5 and 2 inches wide depending on your preference.



  1. Lace Gloves

There are only two acceptable occasion
s to wear laced hand wear – weddings and dressy soirées. Overemphasised hand gestures optional.



  1. Subtle Glitter MakeUp

Adding a bit of sparkle can make the difference between casual and festive. Focus on the eyes and lips. Be aware though, too much glitter and you’re crossing over to tacky town.

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  1. DIY Xmas Earrings

There are numerous DIY tutorials on how to make the perfect personalised christmas themed earrings around the net, such as this one where small clear ornaments, earring wires, and confetti are all that are needed.

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  1. DIY Xmas Nacklace

This DIY snow globe necklace takes a bit more skill and patience, but I love the results. The tutorial can be found here.

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  1. Ditch the Santa Hat for a Red Bandana

You need not let a christmas cliche cramp your style when a Rosie the Riveter style bandana will go well with your outfit and be enough to subtly point to the festive theme.

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  1. DIY Glitter Heels

Finally, complete your festive outfit by turning your beige boring heels in to glamorous party pumps with some glitter and glue. Tutorial can be found here.

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